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What People Say

Breanne and Lacey know a thing or two about chasing their dreams and are hard at work to help others achieve the same. 


These two are so welcoming and connect several vanlifers with their VanLife gatherings in San Diego.


Those are some loving, fulfilled women with a bitching home. 



TravTravels Van Tour of Lady!
Most recent van tour video we have. A must-see. Watch it here!
Thanks, Travis Enck!

Dylan Magaster Van Tour!
Check out our first van build, Flipper, our rental company, SDCV, and a bit about how we got started here!
Thanks, Dylan!

VanKookz at our vanlife gathering!
Check out some rad van tour footage of vans that come to our bimonthly Fiesta Island Vanlife Gatherings (since 2017!) here!
Thanks, Dani and Kevin!

Ghost Van Van Tour!
Check out this rad van tour of our new van, Lady, here.
Thanks, Jarrod Tocci!

Ghost Van on SD Campervans
We used to own a van build and rental company. Check out a bit about what we did here.
Jarrod rocks!

Wild by the Mile for a How-To
Learn about Promasters, Transits, and Sprinters, and which one may be best for you here!
Thanks, Liz Bryant!

Wild by the Mile Live Q&A on Vanlife
Ever wonder about life on the road? Check out this fun broadcast where we answered some of your questions here!
You ro, Liz!


Descend on Bend
Watch this documentary on a great gathering here!
Thanks, team!

“The Meaning of Vanlife”
Watch the trailer here!
Thanks, Vanlife Diaries!

news outlets

“Vanlife – An Inside Look” shows a bit about our late company, SDCV.

Yahoo! News
No Place Like Home! series: “This Nomad Couple Travels the Country and Lives Out of Their Custom Built Van” shows a bit about how we got started.

“Vanlife Becoming More Popular in San Diego” features our van, Lady, and shares a bit about SD vanlife.

ABC 10
“Making it in San Diego: People Converting Vans to Avoid High Rent” shares reasons why people are moving into vans and features our Fiesta Island Vanlife Gathering!

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