Inspiring others to pursue the life of their dreams by creating ours

Enthusiastic entrepreneur, Breanne is the CEO of her startup, Sēkr, AKA The Vanlife App!
She generously dedicates all of her time to helping our amazing nomadic community find each other, facilities, and more!

Lacey loves the magic of lifestyle design, as well as writing and blogging to help others realize and pursue their own dreams.

In the beginning:
We met in 2010, fell in love in 2011, bonded over our mutual passion for travel and entrepreneurship, married 1 year after gay marriage became legalized in California, and have traveled internationally to almost 30 countries.
After years of pursuing a life we thought we wanted, we took some drastic U-turns! Instead of having a child and buying a larger home, we bought a van to do more traveling! We started a manufacturing company and a tech company which allowed us to leave our full-time teaching careers to pursue a life that would one day include financial freedom! Enjoying the entrepreneurial journey as we strive to stay on track toward our future dreams, we are proving that the pursuit IS happiness, as the destinations are clear, but the present-moment is clearer.

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